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The start of Term 1 is always a flurry of activity at each Clontarf academy as students and staff implement strategies designed to start the year off on the best foot possible.

Perhaps the most significant of these activities is the Year 12 Leadership Camp which sees senior students gather together in their respective Clontarf regions to collaborate on how to collectively finish their final year of secondary schooling.

This year the Victorian academies were joined in Melbourne by cross-border colleagues who hailed from Broken Hill Academy in New South Wales. The six academies engaged in an intensive yet rewarding three days which saw them navigate the busy Melbourne streets, conquer high ropes courses and volunteer at a homeless shelter.

The highlight of the camp however was undoubtedly a visit to the Melbourne office of Clontarf partner Deutsche Bank, where the boys interacted with senior staff, learned about potential employment opportunities and worked on their all-important Year 12 ‘pledge’.

After much discussion and debate, the young men agreed on six keys to success to live by in 2019:

  • turn up
  • work hard with a will to succeed
  • a good balance of work and fun
  • never giving up
  • embrace failure as a learning experience
  • continue to make positive choices

The pledge (signed by every single young man) will be proudly displayed in each of their academy rooms to serve as daily reminders of their commitment to see out the year and to strive for success.

We’d like to thank our friends at Deutsche Bank for taking part in the camp and we wish all of our Year 12s across Australia the very best as they embark on the final leg of their high school journey!

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