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The boys from Endeavour Academy in Caringbah, NSW were visited by a familiar face this morning – Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison.

The Prime Minister is a long-time supporter of the Academy and oversaw its inception in 2015. Today, he joined the Academy boys for an early morning training session and barbecue breakfast.

“They’re young Indigenous boys with a bright future,” the Prime Minister said. “When you meet them they look in your eye, they tell you what their name is and they have a sense of purpose about them because they’ve got people here that believe in them and their future.

“When I’ve seen these boys go from when they first come in here and when they leave, they finish Year 12, they’ve got 100 per cent attendance records, they’ve come from all sorts of rural parts of New South Wales and they’re out there working, they’re at university, they’re changing their communities, they’re completely changing their lives. It’s a really positive story.”

Endeavour Academy Director and former NRL champion Jeff Hardy was on hand to thank the Prime Minister for his support.

“We are very proud of what we’re doing and your support is fantastic,” Jeff said. “To see the boys come through, get up early and come to training in the morning and to lead a healthy lifestyle, but to come to school then finish school and go onto employment is what we are all about.

“We’re doing great things and all our staff are doing great things across the country. And we want to continue to do so with your support.

“On behalf of the Clontarf staff and the participants in our programmes right around the country, thank you.”


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