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Nathan Uni - West Meets East @ Uni [Web Article images 600px]

Tyran Blair (Armidale Clontarf alumni)

My attendance at school was pretty good before Clontarf came to Armidale, however I had a bad attitude and bad behaviour. The Clontarf fellas helped to settle me down and I matured a bit.

They helped me to knuckle down and I pulled my head in. I began to like going to school. James and Boogs made me more responsible for my own actions.

With Clontarf, I liked the trips away and meeting up with the boys from other places – playing against them at footy and meeting them on camps, etc.

The Clontarf staff helped me a lot to get to university. They pushed me to get organised and to come down to Newcastle and get sorted out. They helped me to find the right contacts to get started.

I miss Clontarf – the trips and just catching up with the fellas. I still stay in contact with the staff, and check them out when I get home.

I am really keen to do well in my uni course, because it will help lead me to a good job at the end.


Nathan Johnson (Brewarrina Clontarf alumni)

Before Clontarf I was attending at about 85% for each term, they motivated me to reach 95%+; it lifted my confidence and made me seek my full potential, it was reflected on my behaviour.

School wasn’t as much fun and active as it was once Clontarf got established. Changes such as involvement and interacting with all the students, and sharing information about one another, provided a welcoming start to long lasting friendships.

I believe I’ve benefited from Clontarf. The support I had access to from the Brewarrina Clontarf’s Academy, our Directors, transformed me with knowledge and a clear understanding of life skills, as well as getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me overcome things I’d never thought I’d attempt.

I’m very thankful for Adam and Uncle Charlie; I believe it if wasn’t for their caring and support, I wouldn’t be a current student at the University of Newcastle, or the person I am today with a positive outlook on life.

I always ensure that I contact the Clontarf Academy and staff – I like to see how all my mates are doing, also to see if they’ll be in the area to catch up.