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The Melbourne Storm visited Bairnsdale Academy on the 10th of June to run their very successful ‘Stop the Bullying’ programme.

The programme aims to raise awareness around bullying and to give students better strategies to deal with bullying. The programme goes much further though covering domestic violence, alcohol, drugs and sexual assault.

This is the second year the Melbourne Storm have run this programme for the Bairnsdale Academy, with students from Year 7 to 11 participating in the hour and a half session.

The programme discussed the different forms that bullying takes such as physical, metal and even cyber bullying. The students were shown different scenarios covering all forms of bullying and were asked to discuss better ways to deal with each scenario.

An important component of the programme was the social media section as so many of our boys access social media such as Facebook. The discussion on social media of very informative and gave examples on the form bullying takes on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and even text messages.

The last session of the programme covered the topics of domestic violence, alcohol, drugs and sexual consent. Though these subjects can be quite confronting the topics were discussed thoroughly and respectfully.

Lastly the boys were encouraged to participate in some role playing scenarios. Firstly they were shown a form of bullying, an alcohol or drug situation and a domestic scenario. They were then encouraged from our discussions to use what they had learned to handle the situation in a positive manner.

Thanks again to the Melbourne Storm for bringing this programme to our Academy.

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