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Not many can say they earn a living exploring the majestic gorges of Kakadu National Park, teaching visitors about Aboriginal culture and how generations have lived off land.

Yet former Palmerston Academy member Sheldon Liddy has managed to use his passion for the environment and his knowledge of the local animals and habitats to become a Tours Operator with Yellow Waters through Gagadju Dreaming.  He even plays tour guide to current Clontarf students when they visit the region on camp.

“I feel extremely lucky to be able to cruise around in my boat, teaching people about the region,” said an enthusiastic Sheldon.

Sheldon believes the Clontarf programme gave him the grounding and discipline required to be successful in his endeavours.  “When the staff could see I was getting side-tracked, they would sit me down and go through things with me.”

Sheldon hopes to run his own four-wheel drive tours in the near future, extending his knowledge to the thousands of visitors that flock to the region yearly.

Sheldon Liddy