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Written by Quentin Williams, Inverell Clontarf Academy Alumni

I live in Tingha, a small village about 20 minutes’ drive from Inverell in Northern NSW. Other than the Tingha Tigers Rugby League Club in the winter, and the local water hole “The Tingha Pool” in the Summer, nothing much happens there.

I used to go to Inverell High School. Clontarf started up at Inverell High School in 2012 but before then I was always in trouble – I used to wag classes and swear at teachers, etc.

Clontarf helped me to finish school. In Year 12 the Clontarf staff got me a job working one day a week at the local flour mill. When I finished Year 12 I started to work at the mill full time. I am now in a supervisor’s role.

The Clontarf staff, Kochie and Shano, helped me to get my motorcycle licence. Following that, I took out a loan and bought a brand new Yamaha 250 – I had been saving up for ages.

Over the past two years I have become more involved in my community at Tingha. I have enrolled in the SES and joined the Rural Fire Service.

I still keep in contact with the Clontarf staff. We catch up for morning tea and lunch at least once a week and they invite me to Clontarf activities.


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