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On Wednesday 8th of March, nine Year 7 students from the Kingaroy Academy in Queensland travelled to Lake Perseverance for the annual Clontarf Foundation Year 7 induction camp.

The boys from Kingaroy were joined by six other Academies from around the Darling Downs area, comprised of 90 Year 7 students.

Since the commencement of Term 1, Kingaroy Clontarf Academy had welcomed 11 new Year 7 boys into the school and Academy.

The new students were part of a Year 6 transition programme devised with the local primary schools in 2016 to help new students feel comfortable in secondary school from day one.

The camp kicked off at the lake with a briefing session on camp activities as well as the importance of being respectful – not only when at home or school, but particularly when out in public.

The camp was designed to encourage the boys to connect as a group and to start to gain a solid understanding about Clontarf’s values and the reasons why the organisation exists.

The activities reinforced this with a heavy focus on team-building and life skills and included archery, flag making, orienteering and canoeing to name a few.

The bus ride home was filled with stories of their favourite activities and the new friends they had made from other Academies.

The biggest question that was asked when the camp was over?

“When is the next camp?!”

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