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Lance Pickett is a young man that has always liked doing things differently and he has followed that path into his employment with Woodside Energy. Lance attended our Midwest Academy in WA from Years 9 to 11.  During this time, he looked forward to going to school each day and spending time in the Academy. He loved the reward trips and, of course, the football training and games.

At the beginning of 2010 when his family moved to Perth, Lance joined the Sevenoaks Academy where he successfully graduated with his Year 12 certificate.  During his final year of school, with the help of Clontarf employment staff, Lance decided to pursue a Business Traineeship.

Thanks to Woodside, one of the Clontarf Foundation’s major corporate partners, Lance was offered a position as a Business Trainee with the resource company. He commenced work in February 2011 and, according to his supervisor, has shown excellent progress and potential.

Lance believes the best thing about working at Woodside is the people he works with. “The staff are very friendly and supportive and there are other Indigenous workers employed with Woodside. I also have a great mentor who helps me when I’m stuck and is teaching me about different employment roles within the company,” he said.

In his third year at Woodside, Lance continues to learn a wide range of skills.  He catches the train to and from work each day and is saving money to obtain his drivers’ licence and purchase a car.

At the end of 2013, Lance will have the opportunity to move in to a specific area and permanent position with Woodside. This may even include university studies if he chooses.

Clontarf graduates predominantly move into trade areas when they complete their schooling, so it is exciting to see a young man like Lance move into a business field. This will undoubtedly open up the scope of positions our boys can pursue, with Lance being such an outstanding role model.

Lance provided this advice to others, “Don’t be afraid to do something different”. A fantastic start to what is bound to be a very successful and rewarding career with Woodside.

Lance Pickett