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Persistence has paid off for Kristian Egan. He graduated from Midwest Academy, Geraldton in 2009 and has never looked back. Kristian moved to Perth in 2010 to play WAFL U18s football for the East Fremantle Football Club and after completing a full pre-season was over looked by the East Fremantle coaches.

Instead of dropping his head and returning to Geraldton, Kristian started a yearlong pre-apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery and signed up with the North Fremantle Football Club where he played colts for the remainder of 2010. 2010 was pretty tough for Kristian, he was receiving a very low income from Abstudy which left him forty dollars a fortnight to spend after paying for his board at BKI Hostel.

Kristian picked up some work with Jan’s Flooring installing timber floors and decks, however the work was pretty slow so he stopped. He ended up completing his pre-Apprenticeship at the end of 2010 and had a choice to return to Geraldton and work or stay in Perth. After much discussion, Kristian decided to stay in Perth and pursue work opportunities.

Due to his hard work and persistence, Kristian landed himself an Underground Cable Jointer Trade Assistant position with Transfield Alliance in early 2011. After 18 months, he applied for a highly sought after Cable Jointer Traineeship of which after a lengthy application process was successful. The Traineeship lasts for four years after which time Kristian will become a qualified tradesman and able to travel the world with no problem in obtaining highly paid employment.

Even when things became really tough, Kristian showed great character and maturity to remain focussed on his goal of commencing a lifelong career and set himself up for the future. A fine example for all past and present Clontarf students.


Kristian Egan