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With the Harristown Academy now in full swing with the addition of operations staff Cameron Moodie and Daniel Blades, a group of Academy members headed out to local business Darling Downs Tarpaulins (DDT) for a worksite visit.

DDT is a fantastic locally owned family business that services a range of industry sectors and areas in QLD and NSW, creating a whole range of products from shade coverings, to coverings for silos, to bags, to swags and greenhouses. They are also the employer of Alex Hinch, one of Harristown Academies Year 12s who is undertaking his School Based Apprenticeship with them.

Alex, and the Managing Director Michael Ryan, showed the boys around the factory including watching some of the employees “melting” together five pieces of material each twice the length of a football field. The boys were amazed by the scale and precision of the operation.

Michael was really impressed by the quality of the young men, and was keen to discuss the possibility of further Harristown School Based Apprentices in the future.

By way of saying thank you, Daniel utilised his impressive artistic skills to integrate a group photo from the visit with a piece of artwork, and this was presented to Michael by Daniel and Alex.

IMG_1507 [Web Article images 600px] Painting Presentation to DDT for Worksite Visit [Web Article images 600px]