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“Something Gerard said that day stuck with me; about the opportunities that could become available if you complete your education and do the right thing – whether it be buying your own home, travel or a career.”

Eddie Brown, who was part of the 2002 Clontarf Academy graduating class, fondly remembers Gerard Neesham’s words during the recruitment process of the newly founded Clontarf programme.

Eddie is currently working for Rio Tinto as an Aboriginal Mentor & Liaison Officer, having worked as a mentor in various capacities and organisations over the past seven years.

Eddie emphasises that having goals has been an important factor in his success, as well as rewarding those successes.

“It’s important to be mentally and physically fit…if you’re not well yourself you can’t reach your goals.”

Eddie recently returned from a three week tour of Europe, with a wealth of new memories and experiences.  A highlight for Eddie was staying in a villa in Santorini, Greece, which was carved into a cliff face.

Eddie Brown