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Water, it comes out of your tap and you drink it, shower in it, and water the garden. Simple.

The Year 10-12 work-ready boys from Carnarvon Academy in WA  learned on their recent work site tour to the Water Corporation (Clontarf partner) that there was a bit more to it than that.

To paraphrase Operations Officer Mick Hall, “there is an entire story behind it reaching the tap” before you can re-hydrate, wash, or turn on the sprinkler.

The Clontarf students took the trip out to the Water Corporation treatment plant where they discovered more about the process of getting H2O from the ground to the kitchen sink.

Firstly, in Carnarvon, there are a number of bores that have been sunk in the Gascoyne River bed that draw water from the large artesian basin and pump it into huge storage tanks at the plant.

From there, a delicate balance of chemicals are added to eliminate any harmful bacteria to make it fit for human consumption. The water is then pumped through a series of valves at enormous pressure into pipes that extend several kilometres underground into town.

A few detours and downsizes later, the water travels into the mains which then supplies households, businesses and other buildings with the drinkable liquid that we, and our floral counterparts, need to survive.

In this process, there are numerous skills needed and several jobs that exist because of it. The boys learned the Water Corporation has positions that cover water treatment, mobile plant operation, maintenance, bore technicalities and more, all with flexible working arrangements, nine day fortnights, financed study and a reasonable salary.

There is usually an entire story behind a particular person before they can become a mechanic, a store manager or a doctor. This often means starting at the bottom in menial work as a labourer on the end of a shovel, a store hand stacking shelves, or putting in long years of medical study before you work your way up to more glamorous positions that reward hard work and offer better conditions.

So it was with Leeroy, a Clontarf Alumni from Geraldton, who started out at the Water Corporation, a partner of the Clontarf Foundation. His first job was in an entry-level position while he furthered his education with a Certificate II in Water Operations over a couple of years. This allowed him to move into a more skilled water treatment job that he currently enjoys.

The message to our young men IS simple, with no behind the scenes background story – make the most of your employment opportunities; work hard and do your job well; learn as much as you can about the job you are doing; take advantage of times you can improve your skill-set – and you will find that many doors (or possibly valves) will open to you.

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