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Late last year Tyson Mackley made the big decision to relocate from Warrnambool to the big smoke – Melbourne.

Tyson was a leading member of the Warrnambool Clontarf Academy throughout his time at Warrnambool College.

Since graduating in 2013, Tyson has taken his hardworking nature straight into the workforce.

“Tyson has always been a great leader of this Academy both at school and within the community,” said Warrnambool Clontarf Academy Director Mick Riddle.

“He is dependable and responsible, which explains why he locked down his first job at age 14.”

“I loved being a part of the Academy,” said Tyson.

“We had some awesome experiences like camps and playing footy. But I don’t think I would be enjoying life as much as I am without Clontarf. I can’t thank Mick enough for all the support he has given me along the way.”

The workplace is somewhere Tyson has always felt comfortable and has the certificates and tickets to go with it. From forklift licenses to Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, Tyson has built a healthy resume.

This put Tyson in good stead for his application at Clontarf partner Blackwoods when he made the move up the bay.

Since he his first day of work, he has found himself a nice apartment close by, a new football club and best of all he has been recognised for his leadership qualities and hard work.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Tyson,” said Tyson’s Warehouse Manager Alan Winter.

“His work has been terrific since joining us and he is a ripping young guy.”

Tyson was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Blackwoods at North Melbourne’s Indigenous Round Jumper Presentation, where he had the chance to dress to impress and rub shoulders with some North Melbourne greats.

“Tyson has been doing such a good job since joining I thought it would be awesome to recognise him and the role Clontarf has played in his development,” said Wesfarmers Indigenous Engagement Manager Barry Hoare.

Blackwoods and Tyson were meant to be! Only just a few years back Tyson got an invitation to play football for Blackwoods on Etihad Stadium as a curtain raiser for North Melbourne, not knowing one thing about them.

Thank you Allan, Barry and Blackwoods for their ongoing support and enabling Tyson to succeed.

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