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Partners Pinsent Masons requested an authentic Clontarf experience and the Central Region delivered.

Representatives from Clontarf partner Pinsent Masons flew in to the Red Centre from Sydney and Melbourne, excited about the an authentic Clontarf camp.

The 26 visitors met 15 fellas from Centralian Middle School, Centralian Senior School and Yirara Academies in the CMS Academy Room.

After our fellas showed them through the pillars and some photos, a high-intensity table tennis competition took place with a Clontarf snap-back up for grabs.

Two local elders, Mick Campbell and Peter Wallace, welcomed the visitors to Mparntwe before taking them on a tour of the sacred sites in the area. Upon arriving at the campsite the visitors were treated to the cultural experience of a smoking ceremony before Cheyne Miles led the CSC fellas in a dance. The visitors got involved, being painted with ochre and joining in the Yeperenye dance.

Kangaroo tail was cooked underneath the campfire’s coals before everyone rolled out their swags and slept under the stars.

Clontarf-style, day two began bright and early with breakfast. The camp site was packed up by all and Mark Riley was heard commenting about the cool evening air making for a cosy night in the swag. Our fellas led the way, being much more experienced than our visitors from the cities.

After being transferred to the Telegraph Station, nearly 50 people set out on a 12km hike through the network of trails. The scenery of the region was on show with some breathtaking views of the MacDonnell Ranges as the sun rose in the sky. Some kangaroos were spotted and even some water as the hikers crossed the ephemeral Todd River.

The tired but elated hikers all returned to the Telegraph Station where they were rewarded with cool drinks, muesli bars and fruit. Everybody boarded the buses with some cold water for the highlight of the day.

An 90min recovery in the bus was a small price to pay for the stunning sight of Ormiston Gorge. More than one visitor was surprised by the huge natural waterway in the middle of Australia. It was the perfect way to wash off the dust and sweat, as well as soothe some aching limbs. After a long swim, a picnic lunch, and some relaxation time, Pinsent Masons said goodbye to our fellas.

The whole weekend was an incredible experience for all involved. The partnership between Clontarf and Pinsent Masons was considerably strengthened. Clontarf staff and fellas went above-and-beyond in their efforts for the entire weekend to clearly demonstrate the Clontarf spirit.

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